Focus: Society

Alternative Concepts, Dialogue and Change

Our work in this field is based on two pillars. We establish and support creative social spaces in which left progressive ideas and concepts can be discussed, developed and implemented. We are also engaged in enabling and strengthening gender equality. Together with our partners in South Asia, we organise workshops, seminars and academic summer schools.

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Rosa Luxemburg fought for solidarity, equality and freedom. RLS resists global capitalism and supports critical analysis, alternative opinions and inclusive dialogues within progressive forces in South Asia.

Pragya Khanna - Project Manager

Moreover, we facilitate dialogue between social and political activists in the region. We provide the means for a strong network of people involved in processes of social as well as ecological transformation. To strengthen exchange and dialogue between activists, intellectuals and political institutions in the Asian region, we are also working closely with our RLS colleagues in the Beijing, Hanoi, Manila and Almaty offices.

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Gender-justice has cross-sectoral dimensions. The ability to bring about lasting behavioral change is located in the empowerment of women, girls, men, boys, trans persons and others with accurate information, inclusive platforms and affirmative choices.

Neha Naqvi - Project Manager

Social justice and solidarity represent profound principles of our organisation and it is therefore from importance to engage in the aspect of gender justice as a relevant topic to societies worldwide. Gender justice is required to ensure greater freedom to all humans and increase their overall wellbeing. To transform gender power relations and norms, it is essential to empower every individual regardless of gender identification and sexual orientation.


To learn more about our work on social transformations, take a look at the projects listed below or check out our Archive.

 Completed, Society

Auto rickshaws in Kolkata

SCHOOL OF WOMEN´S STUDIES | Gender plays a crucial role in the Indian labour market. The choice of profession, migration pattern or participation in workers’ unions are all fundamentally influenced by gender roles and expectations. The project was completed in 2015.