Understanding Indian Politics

CPR-RLS Workshop in New Delhi (Photo: Aurel Eschmann)

CENTRE FOR POLICY RESEARCH The Centre of Policy Research (CPR) and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung strive to create insight into the complex workings of Indian politics. To understand the shifts and movements in the South Asian political landscape is of particular importance in a time of rising Hindu-Nationalism and rifts within the established political order. CPR and RLS organise workshops and roundtable discussions with politicians, journalists and researchers with the objective of creating differentiated in-depths knowledge of emerging trends in Indian Politics. This knowledge informs political analysis by RLS, but also Indian research and media outlets alike.

In addition to these stakeholder oriented pursuits, a broader public is reached through public events such as panel discussions to state elections and other major developments. By hosting such events, CPR and RLS also hope not only to politicize participants but also to offer a source of well-researched political information in a time of worrying monopolisation of the Indian media.

Our Partner

The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has been one of India’s leading public policy think tanks since 1973. The Centre is a non-profit, non-partisan independent institution dedicated to conducting research that contributes to the production of high quality scholarship, better policies, and a more robust public discourse about the structures and processes that shape life in India. While CPR as an institution does not take a collective position on issues, the individual scholars within their community of over 50 researchers enjoy complete autonomy to express their individual views.

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