Studying Inequality in India

The first Ambedkar Summer School was held in 2019 in Nainital, Uttarakhand (Photo: IIDS)

INDIAN INSTITUTE OF DALIT STUDIES | Wealth in Indian society is distributed and achieved very uneven. This is one of the reasons why India fails to give equal opportunities to variety of social groups. It also raises the question which social groups are privileged and which groups are suppressed.

In 2020, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) supports a comprehensive and critical research on inequality in wealth in India by the Indian Institute of Dalit Studies (IIDS). The study examines trends in inter group inequality in wealth in India and looks at different types of assets as well as the inequality in wealth and income among various social groups.

IIDS and RLS are initiating a dialogue to sensitise the public for this important topic. Besides the study, a Ambedkar Winter and Summer Schools for young people, several workshops and a conference will take place in order to disseminated the research findings to decision and policy makers, scholars, NGOs and activists and to stimulate a critical societal discourse.

Our Partner

The Indian Institute of Dalit Studies (IIDS), a recognised research institute, was set up in 2003 by academics and civil society activists. IIDS carries out research on issues of marginalised groups to generate and disseminate change-making knowledge and to inform policies. Thereby, it hopes to contribute to a socially inclusive society, economy, politics and development.

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