Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Indian Farmer
Indian Farmer (Photo: FoGS)

FOCUS ON THE GLOBAL SOUTH | Agricultural policy in India saw a defining shift post liberalisation in 1991. After more than three decades of pursuing these reforms, its negative ramifications are being felt in the deepening agrarian crisis. The cost of cultivation has risen, making farming more and more unprofitable. The neoliberal reform in agriculture has widened the inequalities among the rural classes.

Our partner Focus on the Global South (FoGS) is providing policy analysis on the various challenges faced by the agriculture sector in India. They are using different methods of dissemination targeting audiences ranging from farmers to policy makers. The project in 2020 will advocate an informed alternative agricultural policy. In addition, there will be studies on the effects of neoliberal trade policies as well as workshops on the impacts of climate change.

Please also read FoGS' article "Battling corporate concentration in agriculture" (July 2019).

Our Partner

The Indian Institute of Dalit Studies (IIDS), a recognised research institute, was set up in 2003 by academics and civil society activists. IIDS carries out research on issues of marginalised groups to generate and disseminate change-making knowledge and to inform policies. Thereby, it hopes to contribute to a socially inclusive society, economy, politics and development.

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