Strengthening an Inclusive Feminist Discourse

Workshop about Inclusive Feminism
Workshop about Inclusive Feminism (Photo: LOOM)

LOOM | Feminist discourses are often shaped by differences such as the age or the social background of its participants. In order to encourage an inclusive discourse and strengthen the women's movement as a community, it is important to overcome those discrepancies.

In 2020, Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung (RLS) and our new partner LOOM are promoting a multi-generational and ethnically diverse discourse in order to strengthen and advance the women's rights movement in Nepal.

Our project contains a multi-generational dialogue as well as a workshop on indigenous feminist knowledge and oral storytelling to encourage a wider understanding of indigenous knowledge and the role oral narratives play in supporting the development of feminist agendas. A radio program approaching this topic as well as one publication will be released.

Our Partner

LOOM is based in Kathmandu, Nepal, and engages with individuals and collectives of women across generations, class, and society. Their aim is to create an equal society where women from different generations and social backgrounds have access to agencies and have freedom to decide for them and communities, based on political participation and ownership.

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