Rural Societies in Change

Women in Agriculture - Nayanagar in Bihar (Photo: Foundation for Agrarian Studies)
Manual Labourer (Photo: pxhere)

FOUNDATION FOR AGRARIAN STUDIES | In the era of globalisation, liberalisation and climate change, there have been important transformations in agricultural and rural development policy, especially in the so called less-developed countries. In order to face those challenges, it’s necessary to study the impacts of globalisation and climate change as well as the transformation of rural societies in specific agro-climate regions in India. The joint work of our project partner Foundation of Agrarian Studies (FAS) and RLS helps to understand the agrarian questions in India. The project focuses on complex changes with respect to the socio-economic characteristics of the rural poor in the Indian countryside. The findings of the research are integrated into an India-wide programme of village studie  (PARI), which seeks to gather detailed data on various aspects of villages from diverse regions of the country. Policies and movements for progressive social change must continuously be reinforced by concrete analyses of concrete situations.

While small-scale farmers constitute an overwhelming proportion of the population in rural India, for a comprehensive understanding of India´s rural economy and agrarian relations it is necessary not only to focus on the biggest social group, but take other groups as well into account. Our project partner FAS has focused during the last project phase their research on small-scale farmers and has turned now their interest in the present project phase on manual labour and rural poor. In the last project phase the focus of the research will be on the rural rich. The overall aim of the research is to understand agrarian relations in India. Studying the rural poor and manual labour will be further step towards a better understanding of agrarian relations in India.

FAS has been actively disseminating information by means of seminars / workshops and to a wider audience through the publications of its research in peer-reviewed academic journals concerned with the subject of agrarian studies. Moreover, FAS has concluded a RLS-supported research project on ‘Women Workers in Rural Economies’ in 2018, which documented, described and analysed the myriad activities, economic as well as “non-economic”, in which women in rural India are engaged and the relationships into which they enter as part of the process of production.


Our Partner

The Foundation for Agrarian Studies is a charitable trust based in Bangalore and was established in 2003. FAS’ main objective is to facilitate and sponsor multi-disciplinary theoretical and empirical enquiry in the field of agrarian studies in India and other less-developed countries. FAS also publishes the Review of Agrarian Studies, India’s main peer-reviewed academic journal exclusively concerned with rural production systems and agrarian relations. 

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