Social protection for everyone

Brick kiln workers in Northen India (Photo: CEC)

CENTRE FOR EDUCATION AND COMMUNICATION | The Centre for Education and Communication (CEC) and Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung want to improve the conditions of work and living in India. Currently, India is in the ongoing process of transforming its labour laws reducing the 44 national labour laws into four encompassing labour codes. This opens a window of opportunity to implement stronger social security measures, in particular for networks like Social Security Now (SSN). SSN is a roof organisation, consisting of over 500 labour-related civil-society-organisations and has been advocating for a nation wide social security for decades. However, the fast pace of change in Indian society and the sheer size of the network mean that constant efforts need to be put in to remain up to date and to sufficient common ground to take action on a large scale in crucial movements of political decision-making.

Therefore, CEC and RLS jointly organise activities to develop ideas and strategies around the discourse of universal social security, such as obligatory insurance or newer concepts like universal basic incomes. The largest of these events are several-days long conferences with Social Security Now (SSN), which is stewarded partially by CEC. The key objective is to discuss new concepts of social security in relation to the positions of SSN and to generate shared positions among the participating organisations as a starting point for future action. Additionally, the conferences will also be a space for strategizing and to plan nation-wide campaigns. The events will be filmed for both documentation as well as to generate video material for future political action.

Our Partner

The Centre for Education and Communication (CEC) is a labour resource centre. Since its inception in 1983, CEC has been promoting the rights, dignity and livelihoods of small producers, workers, communities’ dependent on labour. Its activities are strongly informed by the principles of gender rights, dalit rights (oppressed social group) and social inclusion. CEC organises action research, executes field intervention and provides support for the development and execution of key ideas, concepts and frameworks that improve the capacities and lives of labouring communities.  CEC is also the steward of the social movement network Social Security Now (SSN) with over 500 member organisations.

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