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Dialogue on Migration Issues

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Domestic Workers fighting for their Rights (Photo: Action Aid)

ACTION AID | In the backdrop of increasing fiscal austerity worldwide, ever larger numbers of people will be pushed to rely on precarious work for their livelihood. The increasing inter-regional disparity within and among countries will drive people into circular migration flows in search of better livelihood. At the same time the rising pressure on resources in destination areas – mainly urban centres – are likely to induce mobility-restricting government regulation of migration and migrants’ lives.

Workers Solidarity Network (WSN) is hubbed in ActionAid Association India (AA) and is a collective of experts and practitioners engaged in improving the lives and working conditions of labour in India and abroad. Formed in 2017, the WSN aims to broaden the discourse on labour issues by facilitating dialogues between workers and other stakeholders on the most pressing issues

In cooporation with RLS, ActionAid and the WSN organised a roundtable conference in 2019 to bring together representatives from civil society, trade unions, government and international organizations to address the complex migrants´ issues.

In a continuation to enhance knowledge, AAI conducts an Urban Action School in 2020. This is a week long school in which co-operative experts, social – enterprise developers, policy makers, labour activists, civil society organisations representatives etc. would participate to discuss how co-operatives can become one of the viable models for informal workers to exercise their economic choices.

Our Partner:

ActionAid Association India works in solidarity with the most marginalised communities to achieve a greater Social and Ecological Justice. ActionAid´s aim is to achieve leadership and empowerment of the marginalised in combating poverty and injustice.

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