Projects in South Asia

Find here details on concluded projects in all of our three main working areas.

 Completed, Society

Welcome to India!

MAHANIRBAN CALCUTTA RESEARCH GROUP | For a long time, India did not pay much attention to its eastern neighbours and had a difficult relationship with China. Since the late 1990s however, India has begun to increase its engagement and seeks to foster strategic relations with countries in South East Asia. The project was completed in 2018.

 Completed, Society

CENTRE FOR WOMEN´S DEVELOPMENT STUDIES | Gender issues have increasingly become part of the Indian public debate in the last years. Despite growing public support for women’s rights, gender inequality remains strongly reinforced by patriarchal societal structures and social norms. The project was completed in 2018.


 Agriculture, Completed

The effects of global climate change are already tangible in South Asia. Those who suffer most from it, are the already marginalised sections of society. To contribute to the discussion on global climate justice, RLS facilitates the exchange of experts on climate change from South Asia and all over the world. The project has been successfully completed.

 Completed, Society

SOUTH ASIAN UNIVERSITY | In recent year, the Indian education system has been undergoing an extensive neoliberal transformation. Today, almost one third of all student attend private schools. In order to develop viable alternative methods of education, RLS collaborated with the South Asian University on a pilot project for the development of an alternative curriculum. The project was completed in 2015.

 Completed, Labour

MONTFORD SOCIAL INSTITUTE | Most of the female domestic workers in India work under precarious conditions. Although laws and rules regulating their employment have been strengthened over the last years, domestic workers often remain isolated and at the mercy of their employers. The project was completed in 2015.

 Completed, Society

Auto rickshaws in Kolkata

SCHOOL OF WOMEN´S STUDIES | Gender plays a crucial role in the Indian labour market. The choice of profession, migration pattern or participation in workers’ unions are all fundamentally influenced by gender roles and expectations. The project was completed in 2015.

Marxism is a revolutionary worldview that must always struggle for new revelations. Marxism must abhor nothing so much as the possibility that it becomes congealed in its current form. It is at its best when butting heads in self-criticism, and in historical thunder and lightning, it retains its strength.

Rosa Luxemburg