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RLS South Asia regularly publishes comments, short essays, political analysis and research papers, which can be accessed from the list below. Additionally you also find a selection of articles which our partners published as part of one of our joint projects.

 English, Hindi, India, Society

This edited volume by South Asian University brings fresh insights into ongoing debates of anti-capitalist movements and facilitates understanding on the working and politics of capital and labour located within it.

 Agriculture, Hindi, India

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 Agriculture, Climate, Hindi, India

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 Agriculture, English, Hindi, India, Labour

This Booklet deals with the Indian State's historical and contemporary agricultural policiesthat have aggravated the rural agrarian crises.

 Hindi, India, International, Society

This book is the result of an effort by the RLS working group "Beyond Development". It intends to contribute to the urgently needed collective inquiries taking into view new theoretical and political paradigms of social transformation.

 Agriculture, Hindi

There is currently no description available.

 Agriculture, English, Gender, Hindi, India

Women, agroecology & gender equality: a booklet intended to serve as a basic background resource for grassroots groups.

 English, Hindi, Trade

Trade liberalization through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): impacts on agriculture and people in India.

 Agriculture, English, Hindi, Labour

Let's Cooperate! Rural producers collectives in India – a background and case studies.

 Agriculture, English, Hindi

Bringing Green Revolution in eastern india: food sovereignty and small scale agriculture in India.

 English, Hindi, Labour, Marathi, Trade

Trade liberalization and WTO : impacts on agriculture and farmers in India.

 Agriculture, Climate, English, Hindi

Climate change and the agriculture crisis : Agroecology as a solution for a sustainable future.