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RLS South Asia regularly publishes comments, short essays, political analysis and research papers, which can be accessed from the list below. Additionally you also find a selection of articles which our partners published as part of one of our joint projects.

 English, Trade

Bridge of spaces: East by rear east, ah! the Northeast... A look at the spatial invocations in India’s Look East and Act East Policy.

 English, Hindi, Trade

Trade liberalization through Free Trade Agreements (FTAs): impacts on agriculture and people in India.

 Agriculture, English, Hindi, Labour

Let's Cooperate! Rural producers collectives in India – a background and case studies.

 Agriculture, English, Hindi

Bringing Green Revolution in eastern india: food sovereignty and small scale agriculture in India.

 English, Society

These book discusses three aspects that reflect on one of the principal features post-colonial capitalism, namely the overwhelming existence of informal conditions of production.

 English, Hindi, Labour, Marathi, Trade

Trade liberalization and WTO : impacts on agriculture and farmers in India.

 Agriculture, Climate, English, Hindi

Climate change and the agriculture crisis : Agroecology as a solution for a sustainable future.

 English, Labour

Capitalist Exploitation and Heterogeneity of Rural and Informal Sectors in the Indian Economy.


 Agriculture, English, Hindi

Making agroecology viable for small farmers in India: experiences from the field.

 Agriculture, English, Hindi

Handbook on Agroecology : A farmer's manual on sustainable practices worth implementing.

 English, International, Labour, Trade

Manufacturing cheap commodities in Global South, for the Global North.


 Agriculture, English

Experiences of Cooperatives in Agriculture.