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RLS South Asia regularly publishes comments, short essays, political analysis and research papers, which can be accessed from the list below. Additionally you also find a selection of articles which our partners published as part of one of our joint projects.

 English, German, International, Society, Trade

This paper analyses the new Chinese global growth and development strategy, the so-called "New Silk Route".

 Hindi, India, International, Society

This book is the result of an effort by the RLS working group "Beyond Development". It intends to contribute to the urgently needed collective inquiries taking into view new theoretical and political paradigms of social transformation.

 English, International, Trade

Conflict & Social Governance in Northeast India: Social governance is a form of governance that evolved in relation to conflict management and peace in the last few decades.

 English, International, Trade

Trade, capital and conflict: A case study of the frontier towns of Moreh-Tamu and Champhai affected by the new Act East policy.

 English, International, Trade

Finance capital and infrastructure development: the Asian context in view of the new Act East Policy.

 English, International, Trade

Representations of connectivity: The politics and economics of routes in the Asian context, namely the Silk Road.

 English, International, Trade

Interwoven realities: logistics and the reshaping of global governance - most propably in favour of China.

 English, International, Labour, Trade

Manufacturing cheap commodities in Global South, for the Global North.


 English, International, Labour, Trade

Global leverages in the organising strategies of three 'new' labour unions in the Indian garment sector

Author: Tandiwe Gross

 German, International, Labour

Austausch von Automobilarbeitern als Beitrag zur Veränderung globaler Ungleichheitsverhältnisse

Author: Heiner Köhnen

 German, International, Society

Bürgerliche Herrschaft in peripheren Gesellschaftsformationen

Author: John P. Neelsen

Published by RLS South Asia