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RLS South Asia regularly publishes comments, short essays, political analysis and research papers, which can be accessed from the list below. Additionally you also find a selection of articles which our partners published as part of one of our joint projects.

 Agriculture, English, Food Sovereignty, India, Society

This publication by Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung combines ground reports as well as political analysis on Social Protection, Food Security and Food Sovereignty. We hope that putting together this compilation will be a step towards placing voices from the ground and policy analysis connected with Food Security and Food Sovereignty, at the same table.

 Agriculture, English, Food Sovereignty, India, Society

How Do Small Farmers Fare: Evidence from Village Studies in India, edited by Madhura Swaminathan and Sandipan Baksi, is an outcome of research on small farm economy in India by the Foundation for Agrarian Studies in cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg Stiftung.