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RLS South Asia regularly publishes comments, short essays, political analysis and research papers, which can be accessed from the list below. Additionally you also find a selection of articles which our partners published as part of one of our joint projects.

 Agriculture, English, Food Sovereignty

Incredible examples of solidarity across the urban and rural divide were lived during the COVID-19 pandemic that showed how grassroots and solidarity actions can ensure access to nutritious food for millions of people.

 Agriculture, English, Food Sovereignty, India, Society

This publication by Rosa-Luxemburg-Stiftung combines ground reports as well as political analysis on Social Protection, Food Security and Food Sovereignty. We hope that putting together this compilation will be a step towards placing voices from the ground and policy analysis connected with Food Security and Food Sovereignty, at the same table.

 German, India, Society

Das Standpunkte-Papier blickt auf Geschichte, Ideologie und Ziele der hindunationalistischen Bewegung in Indien.


 English, German, India, Society

This paper analyses the current political situation in India with a view to the elections in spring 2019.

 English, German, International, Society, Trade

This paper analyses the new Chinese global growth and development strategy, the so-called "New Silk Route".

 English, German, Nepal, Society

This paper analyses the unification of the left parties in Nepal.

 Bangladesh, German, India, Society

Der Standpunkt analysiert die Folgen der Eskalation des Konflikts zwischen Rohingya-Extremisten und dem burmesischen Militär.

 English, Gender, India, Society

This working paper series from South Asian University aims to understand women's questions in left politics by carving and linking them in local resistance, and their interaction and contribution to larger movements geared towards socio-political transformation.

 English, Hindi, India, Society

This edited volume by South Asian University brings fresh insights into ongoing debates of anti-capitalist movements and facilitates understanding on the working and politics of capital and labour located within it.

 Agriculture, English, India, Trade

This report is an output of a symposium by Focus on the Gobal South on "Agricultural Markets in India: Policies, Challenges and Alternatives" to take stock of the contemporary challenges around agricultural commodity markets in India.

 English, India, Labour, Society

Migrant Workers at the Margins October 2018 report examines whether migrant workers currently access their rights and civic entitlements to education, work, health, and food in migration sending areas and rural destinations.

 English, India, Labour

Issues and perspectives of migrant construction workers in Surat.