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Anusandhan Trust, India, International Dialogue | 

Transnational investments in healthcare: A study of German investments in Indian private health sector

Crash Barriers for Post-COVID-19 Food and Agricultural SystemsYour headline goes here

This report examines the involvement of Development Finance Institutions (DFIs) and Development Cooperation bodies in the Indian private healthcare sector. It addresses the underlying tension within DFIs' mandates, balancing profit maximisation and the goal of expanding public good with equity. The study highlights the potential negative effects of relying on private actors in healthcare to achieve public objectives and the increasing commercialisation of healthcare in India due to transnational investments. With a focus on two case studies, the report explores the practices and impacts of German DFIs and Development Cooperation commitments, shedding light on their role in Indian healthcare and its implications for universal health coverage and health equity.

Supporting patients or profits?

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