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Focus on the Global South, India, Social-Ecological Transformation | 

Agrarian Crisis: Women's Role in Revolutionary Transformation

This short report describes the fragile livelihood equilibrium of a major section of men and women, who constitute the agrarian workforce in India. It also tells us how development initiatives of elite India have uprooted the lives of the marginalised people. It narrates the consequences of the thoughtless and callous response of the government to the Covid-19 pandemic threat. In the end, the story also highlights the grit of men and women living at the periphery. This mettle gives them the strength to face extreme adversities and yet not break down.

Agrarian Crisis: Women's Role in Revolutionary Transformation

Publisher Focus on the Global South
Author Jaya Mehta
Date 2022
Volume/Size 30 pages
Language English, Hindi

Download the English report here

Download the Hindi report here

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