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International Dialogue, South Asian University | 

Organizing Against Capital: Remembering Rosa Luxemburg

The year 2019 commemorated the 100th anniversary of martyrdom of Rosa Luxemburg - our organization’s namesake - and the German Revolution. Even after 100 years, Rosa’s memory inspires revolutionary socialists all over the world. In the background of a global shift towards the right, there is a need to understand why there is a decline in the organizational capacity of Left alternatives and the narratives they need to produce to counter capitalism. Given this context, Rosa Luxemburg and her works become increasingly important as it provides possibilities to look at the changing processes of accumulation, workplace, the ‘institutionalization’ of Party and the complete absence of anti-systemic mobilizations in contemporary times.

This edited volume by Ravi Kumar from our partner South Asian University (SAU), is an output of a one-day International Conference on “Capital Accumulation and Organizational Question in Contemporary Times: Remembering Rosa Luxemburg” that brought together renowned scholars, academicians and experts to revisit Rosa’s works in the contemporary context. The volume brings fresh insights into ongoing debates of anti-capitalist movements and facilitates understanding on the working and politics of capital and labour located within it.  Reflections include revisiting her understanding of ‘Party’ in the context of new researches, re-thinking democracy and socialism, Organizational question in contemporary times, importance of Marxism-Humanism in contemporary times etc. The articles are in English and Hindi.

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