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International Dialogue | 

Multipolarism in the 21st century

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RLS South Asia is collaborating with the Tricontinental Institute for Social Research to discuss ideas of a multipolar world order from a South Asian perspective.

The new dynamics in global geopolitics, dominated by the growing tensions between the US and China, have shifted the economic and foreign policies of all South Asian countries. Amidst uncertainty, they are reassessing geopolitical and economic interests, reshaping their relations with international powers, and ever more often proposing a multipolar world order. Considering these developments, the project aims to critically assess the opportunities and challenges that emerge for South Asian countries in the geopolitical dynamics of the 21st century and its impacts on their populations and domestic political dynamics.

About Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research

Tricontinental: Institute for Social Research is an international institute guided by popular movements and organisations. We seek to bridge academic production and political and social movements in order to promote critical thinking and stimulate debates and research with an emancipatory perspective that serves the people’s aspirations.

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