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Social-Ecological Transformation | 

Developing Curriculum on Indigenous Health in Meghalaya

Image from Mawryngkang Village, Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya. Credit: MLCU

National Lutheran Health & Medical Board (NLMB), Martin Luther Christian University — a project of NLMB — and RLS collaborate on this project which aims to acknowledge and address the pressing health and social challenges faced by indigenous persons and tribal communities in North East India with a focus on Meghalaya at present.

Despite 77 years of independence, tribal health indicators remain lower than non-tribal counterparts, with higher mortality and disease burdens. The project speaks to the marginalisation of tribal people, both geographically and socio-economically, and their relationship with traditional medicine.

By recognising the importance of indigenous culture and knowledge systems, the project endeavours to bridge the gaps in healthcare availability, accessibility, and affordability. It gives voice to the many indigenous women practising traditional medicine in ways that warrant recognition and respect.

Upon completion of the initial research, a curriculum will be developed on the health of indigenous and tribal communities in Meghalaya. It is designed with postgraduate students in mind – across the disciplines of social sciences, psychology, counselling, health sciences, environment and traditional ecosystems, cultural studies, and civil society that engages with the tribal populations and indigenous representation.

About Martin Luther Christian University

National Lutheran Health and Medical Board (NLHMB), is a registered trust established in 1986 and engaged in Health Care, Education, Community Outreach and Disaster Management.

Martin Luther Christian University, a project of NLHMB, is based in Meghalaya. MLCU is committed to rendering service to the community and to providing education.

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