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Political Education in Nepal

RLS in Nepal
RLS team in Nepal

Our partner Foundation for Critical Discourse (FCD), is based in Kathmandu. It is working to enable open dialogues among left intellectuals, academics, students and activists on contemporary issues of critical concern in the current sociopolitical environment of Nepal, bringing together political theory and praxis.

FCD’s work with RLS continues to critically inform and educate political intellectuals, academics and the youth to enhance their understanding and analysing of issues in Nepal through residential workshops, public discourses, international conferences and the publication of papers and books.

About Foundation for Critical Discourse

Foundation for Critical Discourse Nepal was established in 2019 as an institution dedicated to work for the academic-political education and enlightenment of the left students, leaders, cadres, activists and authors, through discourses on a multitude of subject matters related to emancipatory theory and praxis of past, present and future.

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