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Social-Ecological Transformation | 

Overcoming the Agrarian Crisis: Towards Food Sovereignty in South Asia

A farmer on the field. Credit: FoGS

Focus on the Global South (FoGS) works through convening dialogues, networking with partners, and publishing briefing papers, educational videos and organising online webinars in collaboration with other civil society platforms and academics.

In cooperation with us, FoGS works on the issue of investment and Free trade Agreements, digitalisation of food and agriculture, and to develop framework for economic and governance alternatives by documenting and publicising initiatives such as diversified public distribution systems, worker-run cooperatives, community managed agroecology farms and territorial markets. FoGS uses various media tools including videos, infographics and illustrations for knowledge generation and dissemination.

About Focus on the Global South

Focus on the Global South was established in 1995 in Bangkok. Today, it has offices in Thailand, the Philippines and India. The organisation combines policy research, advocacy, activism and grassroots capacity building in order to generate critical analysis of social developments and encourage debates within the society. Its work focuses on the social and environmental impact of  industrial agriculture and resource extraction, but also militarisation as well as global trade and financial policies.

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