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History for Children

debjeet sarangi

History has become the site of fierce and violent contestations in today’s India. A majoritarian version of the past is being systematically inculcated through social media platforms as well as state-sponsored textbooks and research. These versions rely on distorted facts and analyses and show utmost disregard to the techniques of professional history writing. To combat this phenomenon, this project aims to publish accessible critical histories.

This project aims to bring out illustrated books written by trained historians. The books will utilise the patachitra folk art form of Bengal. The books also aim at training young minds in the craft of history writing and inculcating empathy for multiple voices.

Institute of Development Studies Kolkata

Institute of Development Studies Kolkata (IDSK) is devoted to advanced academic research and informed policy advice in the areas of literacy, education, health, women, employment, technology, communication human sciences and economic development.

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