Change-making Knowledge for Minorities

IIDS Founder Prof Sukhadeo Thorat at a workshop in Delhi in April 2018

Despite laws to protect marginalised groups in India, such as Muslims or Dalits (formally known as ‘Untouchables’), they still face widespread discrimination in India. Especially with regard to economic status, they live in poverty being affected by discrimination on the labour market.

Together with the Indian Institute for Dalit Studies (IIDS), RLS conducts research on labour discrimination of marginalised groups and supports them in asserting their rights. For the current project, “Strengthening critical knowledge and discourses on minority communities in India”, a comprehensive, critical research on issues related to caste, religion and the labour market in India is carried out. This research intends to stimulate a critical societal discourse as well as to inform decision and policy makers, scholars, NGOs and activists.

In particular, wages and employment status in the private sector by social groups will be examined in detail on state and national level. Differences across castes, religious minorities or other marginalised groups will be analysed in the context of discrimination and the total income loss due to this discrimination will be estimated. Based on this research, legal and policy safeguards against discrimination in wage, employment and occupation will be developed and publicized by conducting a national conference, lectures and workshops.

Our Partner

The Indian Institute of Dalit Studies (IIDS), a recognised research institute, was set up in 2003 by academics and civil society activists. IIDS carries out research on issues of marginalised groups to generate and disseminate change-making knowledge and to inform policies. Thereby, it hopes to contribute to a socially inclusive society, economy, politics and development.

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